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Amazing Paid Game Industry Internship Opportunity

Sounds too good to be true???

Well, we have a proof!

Check out our Inter-G Winter session video:

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●IGG is a renowned developer and publisher of mobile games.

●As at 31 December 2018, the user community of IGG consisted of approximately 620 million registered players around the world, with a total MAU (monthly active user) of over 19 million

●For the year, 46%, 27% and 23% of the Group's total revenue were generated from Asia, North America and Europe respectively.

●IGG has been listed by App Annie as one of the "Top 52 Publishers" since 2015, and was ranked 22st in 2018.

IGG is all these and much more than that


Lords Mobile 

by February 2019 App Annie report, 

maintained its position as the top-grossing 

war strategy game worldwide for 

19 consecutive months.

Castle Clash launched in 2013. It ranked 

among the Top 20 grossing games

in 30 countries on Google Play and 

in 7 countries on iOS on 31 December 2018.

 Super comfy work environment 

with gym, swimming pool, library, cinema

available to all IGGers 24/7

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