• Huawei Wins Big Copyright Case Against Samsung


    source: neowin.netA Chinese court granted smartphone-maker Huawei a patent victory over South Korean tech giant Samsung. The court has ordered Samsung to pay 80 million yuan, or roughly $11.6 million, to Huawei for infringing on the company's smartphone technologies. While Huawei is taking a win in this court, other lawsuits are still ongoing.In response to the verdict, a Huawei spokesman told BBC that:Huawei believes that respecting and protecting the intellectual property of others enables

  • China is Now The Largest Buyer of U.S. Oil


    source: dailycaller.comChina is now the largest foreign buyer of U.S. oil, according to new data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).U.S. crude oil exports in February jumped 35 percent from a month earlier,according to EIA. This rise in total exports caused China to start buying American oil. China purchased more oil because the U.S. was selling more.China’s dramatic economic growth over the last decade has fueled its lust for oil, and demand has long surpassed their oil indu

  • Power Rangers Score Theatrical Release in China


    source: hollywoodreporter.comWhether 'Power Rangers' would land a release in the Middle Kingdom had been the subject of speculation due to a brief scene in which the Yellow Ranger is shown questioning her sexuality.After several weeks of speculation, Lionsgate’sPower Rangershas secured a release date in China.The Dean Israelite-directed superhero film, which has earned approximately $100 million at the worldwide box office to date, will open in the Middle Kingdom on May 12.The new date

  • Chinese Mutant Space Mangoes are Apparently a Thing Now


    source: weathernetwork.comThis sounds a bit like a bad sci-fi horror movie, but it's quite real, and it could prove to be quite good!Last October, when two Chinese astronauts flew up to the Tiangong-2 space station and returned to Earth aboard the Shenzhou 11, they brought several plant samples along for the trip. The purpose was to see if any of these plants would be affected by their trip to space, specifically to see if any of them would develop beneficial mutations - due to exposure to s

  • Kungfu (Taiji) Class in Renai


    Shanghai Renai Hospital and9 Clouds Studiowillwork together to hold a Taiji class in Renai, the coach of9 Clouds Studiowill be invited to teach the basic skills of Taiji,if you are interested in Chinese Martial Arts and Taiji, please come with your friends and apply right now!When:2:00-4:00pm, April 8, 2017Where:Shanghai Renai Hospital International Department, 3rd floorWhat:Learn about basic knowledge of Taiji and basic skills of TaijiPrice:FreeHow to apply:Sendyourname + phone number+Taiji cla

  • Warren Buffet's Face is Now on Cherry Coke Cans in China


    source: creativity-online.comWarren Buffett, investment maven and … soda can star? Coca-Cola in China has taken the unusual step of putting the face of its top investor on cans of Cherry Coke in China to promote the drink's launch in the country.Cokeannounced the move on its corporate blogon March 31, leaving us to wonder if this was some kind of April Fool's joke. But a Coke spokeswoman confirmed that it's the real thing. Putting the face of an investor on a soda can would seem to

  • China Plans 80 Percent Mandarin Speaking by 2020


    source: newsweek.comChina discloseda plan Monday to increase the number of citizens speaking Mandarin to 80 percent by 2020. The figure represents asharprise from the current figure, estimated by the government to be around 70 percent, which leaves several hundred million people speaking other dialects.The plan, issued by China’s Ministry of Education and State Language Commission, specifically called for improved speaking abilities among teachers. It sets out guidelines for training teachers f

  • Teen Mom Dumped Her Baby in the Trash in Shenzhen (Video)


    source: opposingviews.comA 15-year-old girl in China boxed up her baby before being captured on closed-circuit cameras abandoning the live newborn infant in a trash can.On the morning of April 1, in a residential apartment building in southeast China's city of Shenzhen, a teenage girl entered an elevator where she places a small gift box on the floor of the elevator before grabbing several other bags and riding down to ground level.The teenager then picks up the box, gets out of the elevator

  • China Plans to Sway Trump Through his Son in Law


    source: forward.comDonald Trump has made no secret of his feelings about China. He has accused the rival economic giant of stealing American jobs with nefarious trade policies and sparked a brief diplomatic tiff by calling Taiwan’s leader.But the Chinese believe they have a way of smoothing the waters —and his name is Jared Kushner.Chinese officials have assiduously, some might say obsessively, courted the president’s Jewish son-in-law,the New York Times reports.“Having access to the preside

  • Chinese Man Marries Robot That He Built


    source: dailycaller.comPeople the world over sometimes do strange things when they are feeling a little lonely.One man in China, after failing to find a suitable mate, decided to build his significant other. Zheng Jiajia, a Chinese artificial intelligence expert, created a “female” robot last year, and he recently “married” the robot,reportsthe South China Morning Post.The ratio of males to females in China is way off, with men vastly outnumbering females, making it harder for Chinese men to

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