• Woman Tries to Smuggle 102 iPhones on Her Body in Shenzhen


    There is a price difference between an iPhone purchased in Hong Kong and one purchased in mainland China. In Hong Kong, Apple's smartphone is cheaper, so there's a great temptation to smuggle iPhones through customs and into China to make some quick cash.The more you can smuggle in, the more profit there is to be had. However, throwing hundreds of phones into a bag will easily get you caught when the bag is scanned. So the preferred method is strapping them to your body and trying to act

  • Son Dresses as Dead Sister for 20 Years for Mentally Ill Mother


    A loving son decided 20 years ago to dress as a woman to help his mentally ill mum cope with the death of his sister – and he doesn't care what people think.After his mother began showing signs of mental illness when her daughter died, the unnamed man made the extraordinary decision to drastically change his look.His mum was immediately convinced that her daughter had come back.The plan has been so successful that the man, from Guilin in the Guangxi region, now owns no men's clothing at

  • China Starts to Succeed in Cleaning up its Lakes


    Pollution levels in many Chinese lakes have declined somewhat from high levels in the past decade, helped by billion-dollar investments in urban sewers and waste water treatment.Concentrations of phosphorous fell by a third from 2006 to 2014 in 862 freshwater lakes in China, although they remain above clean water levels, according to an article published this week in the journal Nature Geoscience.Phosphorous is vital to life, but high concentrations can trigger blooms of toxic algae that choke f

  • Amazing Ariel Footage of Most Dangerous Hike in the World


    If drone footage of China’s Mount Hua skywalk makes you feel queasy, spare a thought for the ancient monks who would have taken the dizzying route on their journey towards religious enlightenment.The network of wooden boards running alongside the 2,160-meter (7,000ft) holy mountain in Shaanxi province, are walked today by tourists with an appetite for adventure.Hundreds of years ago, the wooden path, cobbled together on the side of the mountain’s granite facade, would have been a key route for

  • Madman Kills Two and Injures Nine in Shenzhen Walmart


    A man armed with a kitchen knife killed two people and wounded nine others in a Walmart supermarket in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen Sunday night, state media reported.The 30-year-old suspect was detained following the attack in the outlet in the city’s Bao’an district, Xinhua news agency said, citing local police.Knife attacks are not uncommon in China.In May, a man believed to be suffering mental health problems killed two people and injured 18 in a rampage in southwest Guizhou provi

  • Elon Musk Makes Bold Prediction About China's Energy Future


    On Thursday Elon Musk pushed back on some of President Donald Trump’s claims in the wake of the U.S.’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. Musk placed the new American stance in the context of the ongoing Chinese commitment to producing clean power in a tweet.Musk is referring to a set of data on China’s current and predicted performance under the accord, which it haspledged to uphold. This information contradicts some ofPresident Trump’s claimsthat the Paris agreement gives China a

  • The Hanging Coffins of Chongqing


    Wong How Man, who began his career as a journalist with the National Geographic, has been an enthusiastic explorer of hanging coffins in China. He first discovered a cluster of coffins resting on the edge of a cliff face in southern Sichuan, to the north of Guizhou in 1985 during an expedition to map the Yangtze River from mouth to source.These coffins are perched on cliffs around 30 to 90 metres (100 to 300 feet) above the ground, and could be centuries old. They are known as hanging coffins, a

  • Apply Now for Teaching Jobs in Guilin and Beijing


    Beijing JobTraining centers in Beijing are looking for native or European English teachers.Start ASAP!Salary: 12000Yuan a monthMonday to Friday 9am. to 6pm.-Enjoy all the weekends and Chinese Holidays Off!-Sponsored Z working visa for BA degree holder natives or who has professional certificate-Accident Insurance-Accommodation providedAddress: East of 5thNorth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, BeijingGuilin JobZ visa provided for up than a high school diploma business certificate!-Native English sp

  • Missing Chinese Sisters in Japan Murdered and Stuffed into Bags


    Two bodies found stuffed inside suitcases abandoned in mountainous forest near Tokyo are suspected to be missing Chinese sisters, local media reported Friday.Police officers reportedly found the corpses folded inside the bags at two separate sites in the woods late Thursday.Police suspect that the bodies are those of two female Chinese restaurant workers, aged 22 and 25, who were living in Yokohama and missing since last week, according to reports.A man in his 30s caught on a surveillance camera

  • WeChat and Alipay Lead Charge Into Cashless Society


    WeChat is a multi-functioning mobile Chinese social media app with 938 million active users globally (almost 1/7 of the world'spopulation),and 494 million in China alone, making up 79.1% of all mobile phone messaging app users in the country.According toCathy Boyle, eMarketer’s principal analyst of the mobile industry, “WeChat is by far the most advanced mobile messaging app worldwide in terms of its functionality and the services it offers users and businesses.”Mrs. Boyle believes the on

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