• 10 Year Challenge — How Popular Websites Have Changed In China


    An exciting look at the difference a decade can make for websites in China.Google 2009 vsGoogle2019As you can see Google has opted for a much more simplistic design. One that brings back nostalgia, to the days of Dial-Up modems and Turbo buttons on PCs.Twitter 2009 vs Twitter2019The horrid soft turquoise tones are gone. Replaced with a brighter and whiter landing page. Only two call to actions to navigation which makes their signup form tighter.YouTube 2009 vs YouTube2019As you can see Google ha

  • Chinese Business Leaders Came To Davos With A Message


    Many Chinese business and political leaders came to Davos with a consistent message of optimism that Asia's largest economy will continue to drive global growth.They also keyed in on major Chinese projects and their desire to see the end of the ongoing U.S.-China trade war.Our central government has always created miracles, said Cedar Holdings' Zhang Jin.At the break of dawn on Jan. 23, Chinese businessman Zhang Jin stepped out from his limousine, walked a few steps in the cold air of mi

  • U.S. Files Formal Extradition Request For Meng Wanzhou


    The U.S. Department of Justice has announced 13 criminal charges againstthe Chinese telecom giantHuawei, its CFOMengWangzhou,and its affiliates in the U.S. and Hong Kong.Late Monday, Canada's Justice Department confirmed that officials had received a formal extraditionrequest from the U.S.Meng is currently free on bail in Vancouver as the U.S. seeks her extradition.Acting U.S. attorney general MatthewWhitaker saidthat a grand jury in New York had recommended the charges.He said the 13 counts



    The dog days are over, the dog days are done. TheYear of the Dogis coming to an end on Tuesday, February 5—Chinese New Year! And so begins the Year of the Pig. Also known as the lunar new year, it has been one of my favorite holidays since I was a child. For many Asian Americans, like myself, it’s a holiday completely focused on traditions from our heritage.If you asked children what their favorite part of Chinese New Year is, most would tell you “lì xì!” They are red envelopes full of mon

  • Asia Markets Slip Amid Renewed US-China Tensions


    Stocks in Asia were lower in Tuesday morning trade on the back of fresh concerns over a slowing Chinese economy and renewed tensions between Washington and Beijing.The mainland Chinese markets, watched in relation to Beijing's ongoing trade war with Washington, slipped in early trade. TheShanghai compositedeclined about 1.13 percent and the Shenzhen component slipped more than 1.7 percent. The Shenzhen composite also fell 2.33 percent.Meanwhile, Hong Kong'sHang Seng indexshed 0.75 percen

  • China Just Likened Canada to a ‘Whore’ For Firing John McCallum


    The firing of Canada’s ambassador to China John McCallum over the weekend is a form of political interference and signals a weak rule of law in Canada, according several scathing editorials published by Chinese media outlets.Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement that he’d asked for and accepted” McCallum’s resignation on Saturday, the day after McCallum made comments for a second time, departing from the government’s stance on the extradition case of Huawei executive Me

  • A Duke Professor Warned Chinese Students To Speak English


    (CNN)A Duke University professor who warned Chinese students against communicating in their native language and urged them to speak English instead has stepped down as the head of a master's programand apologizedafter her emails sparked outrage on campus and on social media.Students are calling for a further investigation into the emails and claims that those speaking Chinese outside of class might not be given the same opportunities as other students.In her message sent to students on Sunda

  • Do You Pay Taxes? The New Tax Law Will Impact All Foreigners!


    Source:internsinbeijingAre you living in China? Do you have a Chinese bank account?Then this is going to be crucial for you! As of1. January 2019 the new tax lawwent into effect and will affect most foreigners!The article is split into the following parts:Main changes in the new lawWho will be affected?TipsDifferent bank treatmentHow to fill the tax form1. What are the new rules?The most important impact comes from these 3 changes:1. The government has the right to investigate foreigners viabank

  • Depression Affects Nearly 30 Percent of China’s Youth

  30 per cent of Chinese young people aged 14-35 are in danger of becoming depressed, with 8.1 per cent considered high-risk, according to recent research by the China Youth Children Research Centre and the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.Compared with research carried out in 2008, the situation is getting worse. Then, 75.8 per cent of young people were free from depression. However, in 2019, only 70.5 per cent show no depressive tendencies, with

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