• Mr. Bean Comes to China


    source: digitalspy.comRowan Atkinson revived his iconic character Mr Bean in China at the premiere of his latest movie.The actor is starring inTop Funny Comedian, a China-only release in which the star plays his famous character alongside Chinese stars Guo Degang and Yue Yunpeng.In the rare appearance, Atkinson dusted off some of Bean's trademark physical comedy, wearing the famous brown suit and red tie as he pulled his funny facial expressions... without looking like he's aged a day.On

  • High School Students Beat "Gaokao" Math Robot in China


    source: teenvogue.comForty-three high school seniors who took part in an exam-taking competition in Chengdu, China, officially outperformed the math robot they were up against. The robot, developed by China's Chengdu Zhun Xing Yun Xue Technology Co. received an average score of 93, while the class received an average score of 106,theHuffington Postreports.The AI score is on par with the company's estimate of between 90 and 110.According to the Chengdu Economic Daily, the AI and the stude

  • Last Coal Power Plant Closes in Beijing


    source: powermag.comBeijing, a city known for its dreadful air pollution—no longer has any large coal-fired power plants adding to the problem.The Huaneng Beijing Thermal Power Plant’s final unit suspended operations on March 18, marking the end of coal-fueled generation in the city. Beijing’s power is now being supplied by what Xinhua (the Chinese government’s official news agency) called “clean energy.”The truth is, natural gas–fired facilities have mostly taken the place of the coal pl

  • 300 Year Old Sunken Treasure Discovered in China


    source: archealogy.orgAccording to a report inXinhua, a legendary treasure said have been lost some 300 years ago during a peasant uprising has been recovered from the Minjiang River, near its intersection with the Jinjiang River.Archaeologists from the Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics and Archaeology Research Institute drained a significant portion of the riverbed with pumps, and found the artifacts under 16 feet of earth.Seven silver ingots were previously found on the river bank in 2005 dur

  • IBM and Wanda Team Up on Cloud Technology in China


    source: highlandmirror.comIBM has partnered with the entertainment and property conglomerate of China Dalian Wanda Group to offer cloud services to Chinese firms, according to the US technology provider.Through Wanda Cloud Company, the newly formed cloud computing partnership, they will provide specific IBM cloud platform and infrastructure as service technologies in China.Based on the cloud platform of IBM, the new offerings of Wanda will concentrate on Chinese enterprise customers looking forw

  • Insane Train in Chongqing Travels Though Apartment Buildings


    source: nearthe local train station is a big deal breaker for many home buyers.But what if the train came straight to your front door?A light railway track has been designed to run directly through a hole in a 19-storey block of flats in thecity of Chongqing, China.The tunnel has been built through floors six to eight.And if you’re worried about the noise, the building has been specially insulated and is said to be no louder than a dishwasher, according toMail Online.Residents

  • Xi Jinping and Rex Tillerson Meet in Beijing


    source: thehill.comChinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday told Secretary of State Rex Tillerson he appreciates the relationship between the two countries.You said that China-U.S. relations can only be friendly. I express my appreciation for this, Xi said, Reutersreported.His comments came at the end of Tillerson's first trip to Asia since becoming the U.S.'s top diplomat and two days after President Trump in a tweetslammedChina and North Korea.The Chinese president also said he had spoke

  • American Lobster Boom in China as Middle Class Grows


    source: dailycaller.comThe U.S. is exporting record amounts of lobster to China as the industry continues to expand worldwide.The American lobster industryis a success story for agricultural exports. Lobster exports to China were practically unheard of before 2010, when the value of exports exploded 320 percent to $7.4 million, and last year China bought $108 million worth of lobster.“We’ve opened new markets in Asia, which is booming,” Dave Cousens, president of the Maine Lobstermen’s Assoc

  • Facial Scanning to Get Toilet Paper in Public Restrooms


    source: straitstimes.comIn a bid to stop toilet-paper thieves, a tourist attraction in Beijing has rolled out facial recognition for users of toilet paper.Visitors to the loos at Beijing's Temple of Heaven, a cluster of temples that are a Unesco World Heritage Site, must now go through any of the six facial recognition machines installed there before they can get toilet paper, China's Legal Evening News said in a report on Sunday (March 19).Toilet Paper Thief at the Temple of HeavenSome

  • China and Saudi Arabia Ink $65 Billion in Deals


    source: upi.comChina and Saudi Arabia signed more than a dozen agreements on economic cooperation worth $65 billion, according to Beijing's foreign ministry.Chinese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Zhang Ming told reporters Thursday that 14 agreements pertaining to investments, energy and space were signed when Chinese PresidentXi Jinpingmet with Saudi Arabia's King Salman, according toXinhua news agency.The Saudi king is on a state visit to China from Wednesday to Saturday, and some por

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