• "Designer Baby" Breakthrough in China


    source: foxnews.comScience has taken another step toward delivering the perfect newborn – or at least a bouncing baby free of certain genetic defects.Chinese researchers used a genome editing technique called CRISPR to rid normal embryos of hereditary diseases that cause blood disorders and other ailments,according to New Scientist. Experts who reviewed the project told the publication that, even though it involved just six embryos, it carries promise.“It is encouraging,” Robin Lovell-Badge,

  • Hero Doctor Keeps Working as Fire Blazes Outside Hospital


    source: doctor refused to leave her patient’s bedside despite an enormous fire raging outside the hospital.The woman was seen treating her patient, who was having a crucial blood transfusion as flames are clearly visible behind them.The fire had started next door and quickly spread from the neighbouring construction site to within spitting distance of the hospital.Dubbed ‘Sister Calm’, the medic at Yangxin County People’s Hospital was seen remaining calm and getting on with the

  • Fairground Horror as Children's Ride Collapses in China (Video)


    source: nine-year-old child and eight adults have beeninjuredafter a fairground ride crashed on top of them.Horrifying footage shows the moment the ride collapsed, trapping dozens of screaming people underneath. One person was seriously injured.The victims were enjoying the first night of the Liu Chengcun Wangya temple fair in China's Xihe county on March 9 when the ride malfunctioned seconds into starting.Shocked witnesses told Beijing Youth Daily they heard a sudden bang

  • Scientists Discover Dinosaur Footprint in China


    source: newspatrolling.comScientists in China have made a thrilling discovery of dinosaur footprint tracks. The dinosaur footprints were discovered in Jilin province of China. As per information provided by scientists in China, the dinosaur footprints were discovered on a rural mountain road in Longjing city.The discovery was reported as early as 2015, but it has been confirmed this week only. It may be recalled that such findings have to be evaluated by an international audience before it is ac

  • Chinese Women Using Plastic Surgery to "Look Like Ivanka"


    source: Trump's bombshell good looks are inspiring women in China to go under the knife to look like the First Daughter.The 35-year-old's popularity is soaring in China as businesses cash in on the blonde's trademark name.And the country's women are flocking to copy Ivanka's striking model looks.Li Yunxing, from Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management, said young women are lusting over Ivanka's features.She said: Young women here want Ivanka’s big eyes, h

  • Driver Lands Car on Someone's Roof in China (Video)


    source: driver accidentally ended up on the roof of a house after trying to avoid hitting a tricycle and pedestrians in China.Alarming CCTV footage shows the Honda SUV swerve across the road and land on top of a 10-foot property.Thedriver, who is not named, was trapped in the vehicle for 30 minutes until police helped him to safety in Taixing City.The house is only one foot higher than the road level and just nine feet away, according to Chinese news site,XianDai Daily.He allegedly

  • Didi Sets Up Self Driving Research Center in Silicon Valley


    source: theverge.comDidi Chuxing, the ride-hail app thatbought Uber’s Chinese businesslast summer after a lengthy and expensive battle, is now opening an RD center in Uber’s backyard. Didi Labs will be based in Mountain View, California and will be focused on hiring (and probably poaching) top engineering talent to work on artificial intelligence and self-driving car technology.The Beijing-based company doesn’t have any plans to launch a rival service in the US, but the opening of a Silicon V

  • Taobao Bans Sale of "Foreign Media" on its Site


    source: valuewalk.comTaobao, which is owned by Alibaba, has just made it harder to get its hands on foreign publications in MainlandChina. Recently, the platform announced that its sellers will no longer be able to sell or trade in “media” produced overseas – including both publications and electronic media.Based on decades-old regulationTn an announcement made on March 3, the company said the rule was needed for the proper management of market orders and provision of a safe shopping environm

  • China Announces Mars Probe in the Summer of 2020


    source: inverse.comChina will launch its first probe to Mars by July or August of 2020, state mediareported Tuesday, signaling a firm intention by the Chinese government to push the country forward in competition with other parties around the world in the race to explore and establish a presence on the red planet.China will launch the probe from China’s southern Hainan province aboard itsLong March 5, according to Wan Weixing, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a chief scient

  • Wanda Deal to Buy Dick Clark Productions Falls Through


    Chinese conglomerateDalianWanda Group's proposed $1 billion takeover of Dick Clark Productions, the prolific TV production company behind the Golden Globe Awards, is officially dead. Dick Clark owner Eldridge Industries said in a statementFriday that one of its affiliates terminated the deal to sell Dick Clark to Wanda and had sued to recover half of a $50 million reverse termination fee connected to the deal.According to the Eldridge statement, the agreement was scuttled after Wanda failed

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