• Taiwan’s “Bikini Climber” Gigi Wu Dies After Ravine Fall


    The climber tragically froze to death while dressed in warm clothes and proper mountain climbing gearATaiwanese social media star who became famous for posing on top of mountains in her bikini has died tragically after falling into a ravine during a solo climb in Taiwan.36-year-old Gigi Wu was able to call for emergency rescue at 4:00 pm on Sunday after falling into the 20-meter ravine in central Taiwan’s Yushan National Park. However, bad weather prevented three rescue helicopters from reachin

  • Here’s a Sneak Peek At Shake Shack Shanghai


    American burger joint Shake Shack has launched their first China branch in Shanghai, joining other major US restaurant chains that are using the city as a launchpad into the mainland.The popular fast food brand is set to open in Xintiandi on January 24 with their signature burgers, shakes, and desserts, along with some items exclusive to the city.Fans of the chain can look forward to the signature ShackBurger, Shake Shack’s take on the classic cheese burger. It can be ordered either with one or

  • Shanghai School Gives Students A Dirty Joke For English Homework


    An expensive private school in Shanghai has found itself in trouble with the relevant authorities yet again after giving students a dirty joke as a homework assignment.Over their winter break, 8th-graders at the SMIC Private School were told to give their thoughts on a story called “Mommy’s Washcloth.” Here’s how that story goes:There was a little boy whose mother was about to have a baby. One day the little boy walked in and saw his mother naked, he asked his mother what was the hair in bet

  • Smart Car Made By China’s Tesla Shuts Down On Chang’an Ave


    Passengers had pressed to upgrade the vehicle's operating system while on the busy Beijing boulevardChina’s answer to Tesla has become the laughing stock of the Chinese internet after one of the company’s cars shut down and locked itself during a test drive on Beijing’s famous Chang’an Avenue.The electric vehicle made by Shanghai-based car-maker NIO was stranded for one hour on the busy road which runs through the center of the Chinese capital, causing traffic jams. Meanwhile, passengers

  • Livestreamer Guzzles Beer And Even Cooking Oil Nightly


    In pursuit of fame and fortune, a livestreamer drank to excess each night whatever liquid his followers suggested. He has now achieved some degree of celebrity, in death.The 29-year-old surnamed Chu from Dalian streamed nightly on the Liaoliao (聊聊) app. During his streams he would drink for the entertainment of his viewers. Mostly, he would drink various forms of alcohol, however, his friendtoldonline news outletThe Paperthat once he guzzled from a bottle of cooking oil.The friend also recalle

  • Yet Another Passenger Tries To Throw Coins Into Plane’s Engine


    Despite its auspicious name, it appears that passengers are still reluctant to completely put their faith in Lucky Air with yet another one of the airline’s flights canceled after a passenger tried throwing coins in the plane’s engine before takeoff.On February 17th, security personnel at theAnqing Tianzhushan Airport in Anhui provincediscoveredtwo coins on the ground near the left-side engine of Lucky Air flight8L9960 to Kunming. Upon questioning, one 28-year-old male passenger, surnamed Lu,

  • Short Animated Film About Baozi And Chinese Mom Wins Oscar


    Amovie starring a cute cartoon baozi has won an Oscar.At the 91st Academy Awards on Sunday night, Canadian-Chinese director Domee Shi won Best Animated Short Film forBao, an eight-minute-long movie about an empty-nester Chinese mother who, during a lonely night, makes a batch of homemade stuffed buns. When one of these delectable dumplings comes to life, she decides to take care of it, giving her a second chance at motherhood.The short film was shown before all screenings ofThe Incredibles 2. Sh

  • Huawei Unveils New Foldable 5G Phone, Costing A Whopping $2,600


    Chinese telecoms giant Huawei is now trying to shake off itsvariousinternational scandalsby introducing the “future of smartphones.”Unveiled on Sunday, the most notable thing about the new Mate X is that it conveniently folds, opening out from a 6.6-inch screen to become an eight-inch tablet for reading or video watching. Next, is that it’s super-fast (able to download a 1 gigabyte movie in 3 seconds) and 5G compatible.However, also eye-opening is the phone’s price tag at2,299 euros ($2,607)

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