• Kim Jong-Un On A Train Trip Across China To Meet Trump In Hanoi


    North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is currently rolling across China by train, drawing attention and annoyance from the Chinese public.Kim is on his way to Hanoi to meet for the second time with US President Donald Trump. Rather than taking a quick four-hour flight from Pyongyang, he has instead opted for a 60-hour ride on his luxury, bulletproof train, a mode of transportation that has been historically favored by Kim’s family.The distinctive green train has already beenspottedby many, rumbling

  • Special Offer for Healthy Cervix: It's Every Women's Right


    Having a yearly gynecological exam is an important aspect of responsible preventive health care and ensuring your physical and reproductive well-being.In fact, problems are often first found through an annual exam. Every woman should be aware that diseases such as breast, cervical and ovarian cancer have few obvious symptoms, and earlier detection increases chances for survival.Shanghai Renai Hospital cares about women's health and will providegynecological exam special offer every year. Sin

  • Argentine Coast Guard Fires Warning Shots At Chinese Boat


    Warning shots were fired once again on the waters off the coast of Argentina by coast guard vessels against a Chinese fishing boat.The fishing vessel, the Hua Xiang 801, was caught on Saturday illegally fishing in Argentina’s exclusive economic zone. The vessel did not respond to calls from the coast guard leading to warning shots being fired and a 3-hour chase at the end of which the fishing boat escaped into international waters.You can watch video of the chase below:This is just the latest i

  • 13-Year-Old Student Jumps To Death After Not Finishing Homework


    In an all-too-common tragedy, a 13-year-old boy jumped to his death last week in the city Shenzhen over having not finished his winter break homework.According tothe child’s parents, the 7th-grader named Xiao Jin went to school on February 21st for the first day of the new semester. However, he was sent home just halfway through the day by a teacher who told him to complete the homework that he had been assigned for the winter holiday which he had neglected to do.Instead, the boy left behind a

  • Mom Helps Kid Pee In Trash Can On Public Bus, Attacks Driver


    Amother in Hubei province set a rather questionable example for her young child during a recent bus ride.Surveillancefootagefrom inside the bus on the outskirts of the city of Wuhan shows the 44-year-old woman, surnamed Chen, helping her 2-year-old son urinate into a trash can on the aisle as other passengers look on.The driver then begins shouting back at her, calling her “uncivilized,” a word that causes the woman to charge at him, bashing at the door of his compartment and even grabbing his

  • Brawls Break Out In Starbucks Stores Around China


    The hottest item in China right now is a Starbucks cup that people are literally fighting to get a hold of.The mugs are in shape of a cat’s paw. They were launched on Tuesday selling for 199 yuan ($30) in very limited quantities at stores around the country. People lined up for hours before the shops opened for their chance at a cup. One person is even reported to have camped out overnight.Soon enough a number ofvideo clipsbegan circulating online of customers clashing over the mugs, shouting,

  • Xinhua Casts Foreign Reporters To Explain, Chinese Democracy


    The annual political event known as the “Two Sessions” has now kicked off in Beijing. If you are unfamiliar with what these parliamentary meetings are all about, not to worry, China’s officialXinhuanews agency has employed some foreigners to help explain them to you.First comes correspondent Colin Linneweber who gives a view of “Chinese democracy in the eyes of an American,” reading out sentences like “It’s widely acknowledged that a key to China’s success is its system of democracy” an

  • Attempting to Influence Taiwanese Elections Through Social Media


    Source:newbloomberg.netCONCERNS REGARDINGChinese attempts to interfere in Taiwanese elections are in the news again after a wave of unusual activity reported by moderators of well-known Facebook pages with a pro-Taiwan slant.Namely, moderators of such pages report being approached by unusual Facebook accounts, asking them if they would be willing to sell their pages. In particular, such moderators have been addressed using the term “管管” for moderator, which is much more commonly used in Chin

  • Ai Weiwei Takes Aim at State Violence in Mexico with Legos


    Source:reuters.comChinese artist Ai Weiwei unveiled a new installation in Mexico that tells the story of 43 students likely massacred five years ago in a case that exposed government stonewalling and complicity in abuses, a frequent theme for the dissident artist.The installation features large portraits of the students made from a million multi-colored Legos that hover above a cavernous exhibit space, images that have become seared into the Mexican conscience by grieving family members who ofte

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