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  • The Dragon’s Backbone: A View Like No Other


    Visions from Longsheng:The Longji Rice Terraces also known as “The Dragon’s Backbone” take their monicker from the similarity to the scales on the back of a dragon. One of the most striking and mystical visions in all of China, the Longji Rice Terraces are something you have to experience for yourself.With a history of over 2300 years the terraces date back to the to the Qin Dynasty, and further developed in the Tang and Ming dynasties. The taming of the mountain by the local minority groups

  • Lewis Hamilton Wins the Chinese Grand Prix


    source: HAMILTON won the Chinese Grand Prix getting revenge on Sebastian Vettel in the process.The Mercedes driver led from start to finish as he put down a marker after losing out to Vettel in Melbourne.Max Verstappen took third after a fine drive for Red Bull in drying conditions.It was Hamilton's fifth win in Shanghai and his 54th in total as he made it all square at the top of the drivers' championship.The race started on a slippery track with Fernando Alonso imp

  • Building a Greener Future: Partnerships Between Israel and China


    On September 5th, 2017, IsCham together with Sinergia company, hosted the“Sino Israeli Real Estate: Building a Greener Future” Networking Eventwhich took place on the beautiful terrace of the Hilton Hotel Beijing.The event was presided over by his excellency theMinister of Environmental Protection, Mr. Zeev Elkin, andMr. Zvi Heifetz, Ambassador of Israel in China. As well as other distinguished guests from the industry of construction, infrastructure, and green building from both countries.Mr.

  • Chinese Donald Trump Impersonator a "Huge" Hit (Video)


    source: Liangwei, a retired editor of an arts magazine in Hunan province, has hit the big time as China's number one Donald Trump impersonator.He charges companies to drum up crowds at commercial events, tout products or simply wave through the sunroof of a Porsche dragged by a man using his teeth.His new-found fame was realised accidently at the age of 64. During a dinner with friends, he was told that he had an uncanny resemblance to the 45th president of the United St

  • Chinese State Media Hails Trump Xi Jinping Meeting


    source: pjmedia.comAlthough overshadowed by the U.S. strike on Syria, the meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese PresidentXi Jinping showed that confrontation between the two superpowers was not inevitable and that both sides appeared to be equally enthusiastic about the constructive relationship they have promised to cultivate, according to Chinese state-run media.By all reports, the meetings between the two leaders were constructive and cordial with a frank exchange of views,accord

  • Chinese University Buys Property in Oxford


    source: digitallook.comOxfordwill soon have a major Chinese presence in its academic environment asPeking Universityplans to set up a campus with a recently-purchased property in the area.The major branch of colleges will set up a version of itsHSBC Business Schoolin the Foxcombe Hall, which Peking has bought for a reported 11 million dollars.The project will represent the first overseas college of a Chinese business school, and is expected to open its doors in 2018.Peking University president L

  • 72 Year Old Undergoes Sex Change Operation in Beijing


    source: dailydot.comIn order to undergogenderreassignment surgery in China, one must take a series of tests, answer more than a thousand questions, and get the approval from direct family members for the life-changing operation. For 72-year-old Xin Yue of Beijing, all of that was worth the effort in order to become the woman she always wanted to be.Now, two months after a breast implant and vaginal reconstruction surgery, Xin’s seven-decade dream has finally come to fruition. Xin’s daughter an

  • Goddess "Yi Wan Ka": Ivanka Trump's Growing Popularity in China


    source: forward.comHave you ever wanted to be exactly like a celebrity? Like maybe late at night, after scrolling a little too long through Lea Michele’s Instagram, you start wondering how exactly you can get her hair thickness and dewy skin?For Wang Ge, a 26-year-old Chinese business school student, her celebrity of choice is Ivanka Trump, and the frequency of wanting to be like her is pretty much every single morning.“She’s pretty, she has her own career, she’s hardworking and she has a be

  • Surgeon in China who Sleeps on the Floor of His Hospital


    source: SURGEON has been hailed a hero after pictures of him sleeping on the floor after a mammoth surgery appeared online.The dedicated medic, from China, had just performed a 28-hour surgery before he collapsed on the floor exhausted.According the the People’s Daily Online, Luo Heng fell asleep as soon as the procedures he had carried out wereover, reports theDaily Mail.The pictures were taken on March 30 at a hospital in Dingyuan County in China’s Anhui province.He reportedly

  • How Xi Jinping Responded to Trump's Syrian Strike


    source: dailycaller.comChinese President Xi Jinping offered a degree of support for the U.S. missile strikes on Syria Thursday evening, according to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.The Trump administration ordered the bombing of a Syrian airbase and indicated Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should be removed from power, in response to a chemical weapons attack the Pentagon believes Assad ordered.President Donald Trump ordered the strikes on Syria before dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping

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