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Chinese Donald Trump Impersonator a "Huge" Hit (Video)

source: thesundaily.com.my

Li Liangwei, a retired editor of an arts magazine in Hunan province, has hit the big time as China's number one Donald Trump impersonator.

He charges companies to drum up crowds at commercial events, tout products or simply wave through the sunroof of a Porsche dragged by a man using his teeth.

His new-found fame was realised accidently at the age of 64. During a dinner with friends, he was told that he had an uncanny resemblance to the 45th president of the United States.

"I was kind of upset, so I put down my glass and rose abruptly, and with a sweep of my hand announced, 'I have the say here!' Upon that, one of my friends said, 'You look like Mr. Trump, President of America.' I had no idea who that was," Li told Time Magazine in an interview.

"People always say I resemble Trump not just in appearance, but far more important, in temperament and spirit. The temperament and character quality of a great man are not built in a day."

Li has jet-black hair and dark eyes. He enlisted the help of star entertainment agent Zou Danrong to give him a makeover to look more like Trump.

"The colour of their hair is different, so I ask the stylist to change Li's black hair into grey white," says Zou. "But still their eyes are different so I use coloured contact lenses. With the same suit, they look very much alike."

View the TIME video here:

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