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10th Annual Mexican Chamber of Commerce Meeting in China


On November 7th, 2017, the 10th General Annual Meeting of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China (MEXCHAM) was carried out at the prestigious and top recognized Guanghua School of Management of Peking University. The 10th Annual Meeting gathered together more than 200 people including business leaders, Ambassadors, scholars and media.

Pablo Aguayo, General Secretary of MEXCHAM certified the required quorum

Opening by Victor Cadena, Executive Vice President of MEXCHAM

National hymns of China and Mexico

Welcome remarks by Liu Qiao, Dean of Guanghua School of Management of Peking University.

Appointment of Honorary Advisers and representatives of MEXCHAM


Ambassador José Luis Bernal

Honorary President of MEXCHAM


Dean Liu Qiao

Honorary Adviser

Yonanetl Zavala Cadena

Local President of MEXCHAM in Shanghai  

César Bustos

Local President of MEXCHAM in Hangzhou

Li Peihua

Honorary Adviser 

Karla Zapata

Honorary Adviser

Shi Wei

Honorary Adviser 

Yang Zhimin

Honorary Adviser

Diego GUO  

Honorary Adviser

Arturo Barajas

Honorary Adviser

Speech of the Vice President of International Economic Cooperation Center of the Communist Party of China, Mr. Wu Baocai

Presentation of the book: “Chinese and Mexichan SMEs” by Dr. Anibal Zottele, Director of the Center of Studies China-Mexico of Veracruz University (CECHIVER)

Presentation of translation of the famous book “The art of the War” into Spanish by the recognized translator Sun Lizhong.

Release of key findings report the Annual Business Survey between Mexico and China 2017 by Fernando Damian, Project Manager of MEXCHAM.

中国墨西哥商会项目经理Fernando Damian先生展示2017年度-西中商贸与投资环境调查结果

Speech by  Olivia Jingshu Ji, Co-Founder and COO of Eventbank  and delivery of Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce Award to MEXCHAM

Speech by Meng Zhaolai, Vice President of Marketing and sales of China Southern Airlines, introducing their recent route between China and Mexico

Speech by Lu Ming, Vice President of CCPIT Academy

Speech by Fernando Lugris, Uruguay Ambassador to China announcing the 10th China Latin America and Caribbean Business Summit to be hold in Uruguay.

Special awards to citizens that foster and promote the activitites between Mexico-China-Latinamerica

Mr. Wu Baozai on behalf of the International Economic 

Cooperation Center of the Communist Party of China

José María Borja

Ambassador of Ecuador in China


Rosa NG Baez

 Representative of Dominican Republic in China 

Sun Lizhong

professional translator of Literature Chinese-Spanish

Maria Chen, from Diplomacy Center

CCPIT & CCOIC, received by Lu Ming, Vice President of CCPIT Academy

Inma González Puy, Director of Cervantes Institute  

Professor Xu Shicheng from CASS

Anibal Zottele, Director of CECHIVER  

Octavio Fernández, journalist from CCTN  

Dr. Guillerno Pulido, Director of CEM UNAM in China    

Grupo Bimbo, represented by its CEO in China Mr. Ivan Chiu

Puerto de Liverpool, represented by Nora Xia                     

Cuba’s government and people, 

received by Miguel Angel Ramirez, Ambassador of Cuba in China

General Vicente Hernández         


SOFTTEK represented by Jesus Castillo  

Speech by Mr. José Luis Bernal, Ambassador to Mexico in China

Closing remarks by Dr. Efren Calvo, Executive President at MEXCHAM

MEXCHAM thanks the hospitality of Guanghua School of Management of Peking University as well as the participation of the business comunity, diplomats, scholars, students and media.


MEXCHAM after the 10th Aniversary of its fundation and under the frame of the 45 Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mexico and China, MEXCHAM ratifies its commitment for continuing building bridges of trade and investments in a inclusive way in mutual benefit our our great nations.

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