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Hi, in your ChinaWire piece about David Beckham recently I happened to mention my hometown, Chingford. This elicited a response from another Chingfordian, also called Peter, also - presumably - in China. I would like to make contact with him if possible. Do you have a way to message your subscribers? If so, please tell him he is welcome to contact me through WeChat. My ID is qq345913626. Alternatively he can email me, (, or add my QQ, (345913626).
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I'm a South African currently importing premium organic protein powder into China, and I'd like to perhaps have my product sold on your platform? How do I apply to do this?

Kindest regards
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I am a director at a startup internet company in Hangzhou.
We recently launched our Application called 'Pubbing.' So far it has been getting a lot of attention from people in the city. We are excited as to how fast it is growing and the amazing feedback we are getting from people.
What does our Application do? It's simple.
Our Application gives the user one free drink/cocktail from the best bars and lounges in Hangzhou, everyday for a whole week for only ¥9.9. Or one free drink e
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I ordered and paid by wechat an egg shape Himalayan Salt Lamp about a week ago but it hasn't arrived yet. It should have been delivered to me at Trinity International Kindergarten, 633 Huang Cheng Da Dao Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou. Can you please check what's happened to my order and send me a message Tony email? Thank you. Elaine
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I am sooooooo happy that the Yulin dog meat festival will be forever ended! I am thrilled! I only want to make sure that it IS for real!!

The festival caught attention of millions world wide because they made their crime openly. There is something worse than this is dog and cat (maybe other animals) abuse here in China which are not known to many people because they are conducted secretly and in some cases openly. Honestly speaking, this is more worse and discussing! Compare with the f
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