• Photo Contest Final Results and Prizes

    Here are the final results with top 20 based on our judges selection and the rest as per the votes accumulated.There was a delay as the end of the contest coincided with the Chinese New Year Celebration. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thanks for taking part in this wonderful contest.WINNERS PRIZES1STto 5TH---- ID MASK- ONE SETJIANJIE LINLAURAKONRAD RENGGLIANTOINE ZHENG THABO JAFFE*** Kindly email your full name and shipping address toselina@idmask .com.cnto claim your prize.6TH

  • My Favorite China Photo Contest Final Results

    Here are the results for the recently completedMy Favorite China Photo Contest. Below are screenshots of the total voting outcome.Top 20 contestants will be selected from the top 100 list by our special judges based on quality of the photos and story content.Our Proud SponsorsTop 1-5 win an idMask provided by IdealistidMASK is the only mask that seals to your face, giving you true protection from PM2.5's. All the air you breath is filtered through 2 imported high efficiency filters. The filt

  • Join us to Become a Super Hot Blogger in China!

    echinawire.comChinaWire is looking for the next big foreign talents across China!Talented Bloggers:Requirements: Foreigners staying in China, and willing to stay in China for at least the next three years. Must be able to speak Chinese well, be a quick study and have the desire to be a hot blogger. Must understand business ideas, and be hard working.We are looking for someone with a unique talent, such as cooking, traveling, playing an instrument, singing, painting, arts and crafts, sharing skin

  • What You Missed in Beijing

    On April 23rd people gathered in Beijing to support ChinaWire’s charity mission to raise the standard of education throughout China’s poorest counties. Ambassadors, artists, former members of the Chinese government, representatives from foreign governments and members of the public all came together to help make ChinaWire’s mission a success. The evening was full of standout performances, enchanting artwork and great conversation from noted luminaries. ChinaWire would like to thank all involv

  • ChinaWire Expat Talent Contest

    If you are a foreigner in China that has a special talent, skill, write a blog, or have some business opportunities, you can join our “Expat Talent Show” to advertise yourself for free on ChinaWire.How to join our Talent Show?Expat Talent Contest(单选)Pierre DeCelles,2D AnimationSinicized Shakespeare小Kris Saves 昆明 One Person At a TimeMaking A Beat For theWorld to DanceJade: DIGITAL ARTIST ESL TEACHERFashion Blogger.NextTopStylistZealousOrator DrivenMedical BloggerFausto, Italian Cuisine

  • What You Missed in Beijing

    ChinaWire International Hero Charity Event in Beijing on 23rd April

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