• The World is Sadder and Angrier than Ever, Major Study Finds


    Source:cnn.comt's not just you; the world really is getting more miserable.People worldwide are sadder, angrier and more fearful than ever before, according to a major analysis of global well-being.All three emotions rose to record levels in 2018, for the second consecutive year, in Gallup's annual Global State of Emotions report.On the bright side, people reported a slight decline in stress, meaning that overall, the world remained exactly as miserable as it was in 2017. Unfortunately,

  • Hundreds of Dead Dolphins Wash up on French Coast


    Source:france24.comA record number of dead dolphins have washed up on France's Atlantic coast in recent months after being caught in fishing nets, the Pelagis observatory said Thursday.We've had around 1,200 small cetaceans along the coast of the Bay of Biscay, of which more than 90 percent were common dolphins, biologist Olivier Van Canneyt told AFP.The observatory he works for said the number of dead dolphins had set a record each year since 2017, and warned that the species could be w

  • Migrant Caravan: Mexico Detains Hundreds in Raid


    Source:bbc.comMexico has detained nearly 400 Central American migrants who were travelling through the south of the country trying to reach the US border, officials say.Monday's operation in Chiapas state targeted a group of some 3,000 migrants which included small children.It is said to be the largest single raid on people travelling in so-called caravans. Officials say those detained had refused to apply for visas.Mexico is under pressure from the US to stem the flow of people heading nort

  • North Korea ‘Executed Four Officials’ After Failed US Summit


    Source:yahoo.comNorth Korean leaderKim Jong-unordered the execution by firing squad of four foreign ministry officials after the failure of his Hanoi summit withDonald Trump, a report has claimed.The officials were reportedly executed after the February talks betweenNorth Koreaand the US came to an end without any deal being made.Pyongyang had accused the four officials of selling information to Washington before the Hanoi summit, according to a Japanese news agency.The executions, which include

  • More than 60 Dead in South Africa Floods


    Source:aljezeera.comMore than 60 people have been killed in southern and eastern parts of South Africa after heavy rains caused flooding and mudslides.Rescue workers were digging through collapsed homes and other buildings in coastal areas of KwaZulu-Natal province, local officials said.President Cyril Ramaphosa visited the affected region on Wednesday.This situation calls on all of us to pull together as a country to reach out to affected communities, he said in a statement.Ramaphosapraised the

  • Sexist’ Cards Spark Outrage

  photograph of two greeting cards has gone viral on Twitter after one woman pointed out that they perpetuate stereotypical gender roles.The image shows a pink card with the words: “You’re the kind of girl I’d buy flowers for” next to a blue card, which reads: “You’re the kind of boy I’d make a sandwich for.”Artistic director Natasha Hodgson tweeted the snap on Friday, writing: “Ahh yes the two sides of heterosexuality, commerce and toil.”The tweet has since bee

  • Parkinson's Results Beyond Researchers' Wildest Dreams


    Source:bbc.comA treatment that has restored the movement of patients with chronic Parkinson's disease has been developed by Canadian researchers.Previously housebound patients are now able to walk more freely as a result of electrical stimulation to their spines.A quarter of patients have difficulty walking as the disease wears on, often freezing on the spot and falling.Parkinson's UK hailed its potential impact on an aspect of the disease where there is currently no treatment.Prof Manda

  • Philip Morris Offer Life Insurance Discounts to Smokers Who Quit


    Source:cnbc.comPhilip Morris International, the tobacco company that sells Marlboro cigarettes, is getting into the life insurance business.Called Reviti, the wholly owned subsidiary will initially sell life insurance in the U.K. with plans to expand into more markets overseas. Smokers will receive discounts if they stop, quit or switch to a possibly less carcinogenic product, like Philip Morris’ vaping devices.On average, people who switch to e-cigarettes will receive a 2.5% discounton premium

  • On Any Given Day, 1 in 5 American Youths don't Drink Any Water


    Source:upi.comOn any given day, 1 in 5 American youngsters don't drink any water at all, a new survey shows.And those who don't end up consuming almost twice as many calories from sugar-sweetened beverages.That, investigators warn, translates into an extra 100 calories per day, which over time can raise the risk for becoming overweight or obese.Drinking water is the healthiest beverage to drink, said study author Asher Rosinger, director of the Water, Health and Nutrition Laboratory at P

  • Britney Spears: Held Against Her Will In Mental Health Facility


    Source: newsweek.comBritney Spears checked herself into a mental health institution on April 3, but some claim that may not be true. A Tuesdayepisode ofBritney’s Grampodcast revealed a concerning voicemail from an unnamed, former member of Spears' legal team who claimed the pop icon has been held against her will in a facility since early January, and there’s no telling when she’ll be released. The hashtag #FreeBritney soon started trendingon Twitter, as thousands of fans began to worry f

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