• "Intense Category 4" Typhoon Will Hit Japan


    Source: uk.Heuters.comHeavy rain and powerful winds are expected to lash large areas of Japan on Sunday as a strong typhoon sweeps ashore, possibly hindering voter turnout in a national election.Typhoon Lan was classified as an intense Category 4 storm on Saturday, with winds of up to 250 km/h (156 mph), according to the Tropical Storm Riskweb site.By midday, it was south of South Borodino Island, east of Okinawa, and moving northeast at 15kph, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.It is expected

  • Google Reveals AI: 'It's able to create knowledge itself'


    Source: theguardian.comGoogle’s artificial intelligence group,DeepMind, has unveiled the latest incarnation of its Go-playing program, AlphaGo – an AI so powerful that it derived thousands of years of human knowledge of the game before inventing better moves of its own, all in the space of three days.Named AlphaGo Zero, the AI program has been hailed as a major advance because it mastered the ancient Chinese board game from scratch, and with no human help beyond being told the rules.In games a

  • Hurricane Ophelia: Irish Mosque Opens Doors to the Homeless


    Source: goodnewsnetwork.orgWhen was Ireland preparing for its first hurricane in 50 years, this mosque was making sure that every citizen was safe – even the homeless ones.TheIslamic Cultural Centre of Irelandannouncedthat it would be welcominginthe homeless community of Dublin for the duration of Hurricane Ophelia.Additionally, they served free snacks, soup, tea, and coffee.Mosque representatives told theIndependent: “it’s the minimum that we can do as humanitarians.”Thecenteralso wrote on

  • Scientists Engineer Proteins That Caused Obese Animals to Lose


    Source: latimes.comThe U.S. obesity rate has galloped toward 40%, doctors, drug designers and dispirited dieters have all wondered the same thing: What if a pill could deliver the benefits of weight-loss surgery, but without the knife?Scientists from the biotechnology company Amgen Inc. report they have identified and improved upon a naturally occurring protein that brought about significant changes in obese mice and monkeys, including weight loss and rapid improvements on measures of metabolic

  • Church of Scientology Raided in Budapest


    Source: euronews.comHungarian police carried out a search at the Church of Scientology in Budapest on Wednesday. The search was linked to an investigation into suspected information and other crimes.According to local website, over 50 police officers surrounded the church’s Budapest headquarters.But the Church of Scientology saw things differently. Spokeswoman Karin Pouw called the search “religious suppression under the guise of data protection.”The raid was “an outrageous and who

  • 160,000 Atlantic Salmon Escape from Washington Fish Farm


    Source: upi.comA Canadian-owned fish farm in Washington state capsized last month, resulting in more than 160,000 invasive Atlantic salmon invading the waters of Puget Sound, which could cause problems for the native Pacific salmon population there.The salmon farm, operated by Cooke Aquaculture Pacific on Cypress Island, located near Bellingham, tipped over with approximately 305,000 Atlantic salmon inside on August 19, reported theSeattle Times. The company and local fishermen were able to capt

  • Father's Day Ad Banned in Australia


    Source: dailycaller.comAn ad promoting Father’s Day in Australia, which takes place on September 3 every year there, was pulled from TV after the industry group that represents commercial free-to-air networks took it down for being too “political.” onthat the ad, which was sponsored by a Christian group called Dads4Kids, was taken down from TV in theleads-upto the same-sex marriage vote. The ad was also removed from social media channels for “security reasons.”FreeTV info

  • Smooth Landing for Record Breaking Astronaut Peggy Whitson


    Source: space.comThree space travelers safely returned to Earth from the International Space Station today as their Soyuz MS-04 spacecraft touched down on the steppes of Kazakhstan, ending a record-shattering mission for one American crewmember.NASA's record-breakingastronaut Peggy Whitsonreturned home on the Soyuz from an extended 288-day mission to the International Space Station (ISS). During her stay, she set a new record for the most cumulative time in space by an American with 665 days

  • Canada's "Great Trail" Connected


    Source: atlasobscura.comIn 1992, three Canadians, inspired by their country’s 125th birthday celebration, thought up a crazy plan. What if they could connect all of Canada’s hiking trails, footpaths, rail trails, and boardwalks and into one giant mega-trail that snaked from coast to coast?It’s now 2017. Canada hascelebrated its 150th birthday. And on August 26th, those three dreamers—along with the thousands of volunteers who helped clear brush, fix planks, put up signs, and do all the other

  • Burning Man Festival Goers Brave Dust Storms in Fabulous Fashion


    Source: dailymail.comAfter braving a massive dust storm, raging wildfireand scorching heat, the psychedelic symposium in the Nevada desert known as Burning Man is still going strong as it entered its eighth day on Saturday.Saturday also marks the height of the art and music festival celebration, where thousands will gather in the evening to witness the lighting of 'the Man,'the symbolic ritual burning of a large wooden effigy.Around 70,000 burners have set up camp at Black Rock City, whe

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